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Macbeth at it's finest. (Jan. 12th final showing), Jan 19, 2014
reviewer: Eric J. Smith from Milford, Connecticut
This play was very entertaining to me. The set was well crafted, and the center stage was a giant black emblem which seemed very suitable to the
atmosphere they created. The acting was superb, in my opinion, with the witches almost stealing the show. John Glover's performance was brilliant,
Anne-Marie Duff was excellent as Lady Macbeth, and Ethan Hawke's portrayal was strong and emotional. For an actor doing a Shakespearean play,
arguably the most difficult stage acting in existence, I think Ethan Hawke gets an A+ for effort. Perhaps his voice isn't well suited for the verse, which
made comprehension difficult at times for me, but he maintained good volume, never faltered or missed a beat, and his physical performance was
spot on. I saw the early reviews, and if his performance was weak when the play opened, as some said, I imagine it grew stronger with each night, as he
gained confidence in his role and grew accustomed to the stage. Some people forget that actors are only human.


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Loved it!, Nov 22, 2013
reviewer: Tanya Carmella from New York, New York
A fresh, modern take on Macbeth. Cheers to the cast, crew, and production
team! Thanks for bringing this great show to the stage. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Macbeth, Nov 17, 2013
reviewer: Judith Tane from New York, New York
A disaster, mostly because of the miscasting of Ethan Hawke
as Macbeth. He was an embarrassment to his fellow actors
and insulting to the Lincoln Center audience because he
appeared not to care if anyone heard him or not. His
performance was completely lacking in stage presence and
voice projection. I rarely leave at intermission, but I was forced
to because it became painful to watch this production. Where
was the director? For shame, Lincoln Center.

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