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Just OK, Sep 20, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Aurora, Illinois
I am a pretty seasoned theater goer and wasn't
impressed with this musical. The singing and acting
was average to good, but a slow moving story line.
After reading the reviews, I guess if you are
Hispanic, you can relate. Not a "must see".

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spectacular, Sep 15, 2013
reviewer: Bob from Aurora, Illinois
I can't begin to tell you how much we enjoyed this production. I had no idea what the story line was about prior to coming to the show. This cast is extraordinary, one more talented than the next. If there is one drawback, however slight, is that we felt the orchestra was a little too loud in some scenes, and we say this only because you couldn't hear the actors above the score. Either way, it is certainly worth seeing. The music, acting, set design and choreography were terrific and will certainly keep us returning to the Paramount in the future.

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Just as Alive as Breadway's Stage, Sep 09, 2013
reviewer: Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
I was so anxious to see the show and songs on the live stage once again. I was so impressed with the layout of the theater and acoustics, regardless of where your seats are. (Surprisingly enough, the further up I imagine the dance numbers were more powerful!) The story line is forever fond of family values, cultural strides, and the anticipated love story.

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See What you can do about it, Sep 20, 2010
reviewer: Valentin from Queen\'s, New York USA all the way!
Let me begin that the City of New York is raving about this show. As a fellow minority, I wish the prices of this show wasnt so expensive. I want to so much take my husband and family. My husband that has been serving in the military just returned from a tour in Iraq. I wanted to take him for which he has been wanting to attend this show. I know it would take him back to his Puerto Rican roots. So let us know if there are any military specials. Im there in a heart beat!


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Best Musical Hands Down, Jul 13, 2010
reviewer: William Apunte from London, England
Its very difficult to find a musical that you can truly relate to but this one touched every emotion posible as a latino immigrant. What a fantastic display of talent and charisma on show. Michael Balderrama and Alicia Taylor Tomasko have incredible chemistry with both demonstrating true heart and soul in their performance. Chris Jackson, Bianca Marroquin, Janet Dacal and Jon Rua simply sensational, the entire cast in this show are sincillating. I could not praise them enough for what was an amazing performance and a 5 out 5 show. A Must See For All Musical Lovers!


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