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Wicked was Wicked the Audience was disturbing, Jan 07, 2014
reviewer: Deana from Farmville, NC
I must say the stage, cast, crew, orchestra, and everyone one other than the audience was phenomenal. This was my 3rd time seeing Wicked. It was the first time in NYC. I loved
it. The major draw back was the audience. I (well the person that gave it to me) paid good money and I was appalled that the audience was EATING AND MAKING noise during the
show. In fact it got much worse after the intermission. As I sat there I thought this is not a movie that I only paid 12-15 dollars to see. This is a classy musical that people paid a
lot of money to see. I understand people needing something to drink or a candy to suck on, but it sounded like they had a bag of popcorn and were munching. So my only bad
experience was that the audience was very distracting. I wish the theater would go back to no food in the theater. Also, a minute after the show started there were a least 3-4
people that were allowed to get there seats. Really people you need to be on time!


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BEST SHOW IN TOWN, Jun 19, 2013
reviewer: Ashley from Los Angeles, CA USA
Wicked was the best musical I have yet to see. The cast was brilliant, the Galinda and Elpahaba were both beyond belief as well as the other characters. I am a huge fan of both the book and the musical and every time I hear Wicked, I get so excited. This is the musical were it is an all in one. I laughed,smiled, teared up, giggled, practically everything. I came home and I bought the great soundtrack and now I take it everywhere I go. A must see! I hope to see this in the near future. A great show, bravo to Wicked on Broadway!

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Wicketly fun, Jun 18, 2013
reviewer: Carmen Mendez from Queens, NY
This musical is a must see by all. I enjoyed it so
much that I bragged about it to a few staff
members at work and in facebook. The acting,
singing and dancing was superb. Katie Rose
Clarke(Glinda) had me laughing and Lindsay
Mendez(Elphaba) stunned us all with her singing.
My eyes watered at the end.

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Best Musical Ever, May 15, 2013
reviewer: Curtis from New York, New York
This is seriously the best musical I have ever seen!

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Gravity Defying, Mar 07, 2013
reviewer: Sammy :) from Honolulu, HI
I'm 14 years old and I live in Hawaii. Just this past December I saw
wicked on tour. I'm I guess what you would call a "theatre kid" I
love singing, dancing, and acting. I was super excited because this
was my first broadway show ever and I had high expectations.
They were all blown away by Dee Riscoli and Patti Murin. Hilarious,
inspiring, and crazy singing! I saw it twice while it was in Hawaii
and I would see it again if I could. I listen to the soundtrack every
single day in the car. This summer I'm going to new york for the
first time and will probably see more broadway shows but I will
never forget Wicked as my first!

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