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PLEASE NOTE: If you did not purchase your tickets online through this website, please refer to the original website where you did purchase the tickets as they will be much better equipped to help you quickly. We are NOT the venue/theatre and do not have access to all ticket purchase histories.

If you have an urgent question about an order placed on please call us on (800) 901-4092.

When will my tickets be shipped to me, and how soon will they arrive?

Ticket delivery can vary extensively by event type, ticket and the seller. Sellers will always endeavor to ship your tickets as soon as they receive them in their office. It is worth keeping in mind that some tickets are not printed and/or distributed by event promoters until a few weeks prior to their event. Furthermore, tickets are not guaranteed to ship immediately, but will certainly be with you before the event itself. You should always contact your ticket supplier directly if you have any questions or concerns about ticket delivery.


How are my tickets shipped?

The various sellers who list tickets on our website ship tickets via FedEx due to security and customer service concerns. Tickets, like money, are one-of-a-kind items that can't often be reprinted or replaced if lost in the mail. The speedy and secure delivery provided by FedEx ensures that tickets will arrive promptly after they are shipped.


Will a signature be needed for my ticket package?

Yes, we generally expect the sellers who list tickets on our exchange to require a signature for ticket delivery. This is to ensure that the tickets are physically received by someone rather than left out in the open. You can contact your seller directly if you have concerns about the signature requirement.


Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

We require the sellers on our site to make use of FedEx for ticket shipment concerns, but FedEx can'tship to PO Boxes. So, if you have a PO box as your shipping address, your tickets will be shippedto our corporate office and then shipped out via USPS.


When will I receive my email tickets?

Some sellers may list their tickets have being available for email delivery, but this doesn't mean that tickets will be emailed immediately. Some venues don't electronicize tickets until closer to the event and some sellers also wait to electronicize tickets until after receiving a ticket order.


How do I access US event tickets if I'm an international customer?

There are three main ways to access event tickets for US-based events if you're an international customer:

1) Order tickets and input a US-based shipping address: You should use this option if the event is more near-term in nature and you could potentially have the tickets shipped to a friend's house in the US or even a hotel, prior to your arrival.

2) Order tickets marked as being available for will call, email, local pickup (etc): Tickets are only available using one of the above methods if that method is specifically advertised on the listing notes and/or during checkout.

3) Order tickets and input your home address for shipment: You should use this option if the event concerned is a while away and thus likely to ship before your travels. Please note that you can always contact your ticket supplier directly to provide an alternate (US-based) address (if needed).

Ticket Delivery

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